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Tri-Tip & DJ Bohdi

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GENRE: Disco, hip-hop, house, funk, soul, nudisco, techno

Tri-Tip's outlook as a DJ includes mantras such as "get the ladies moving and the dudes will follow" and "a questionable transition will be forgiven if the next track inspires." But mainly he abides by the three agreements...those of disco, hip-hop, and house. This creates a unique and decade/genre-spanning dance party that is impossible to resist.

DJ Bohdi, the big goofball, is recently out of college and past his days of DJing with X's on his hands. Luckily for you, though, he misses the parties badly enough to throw them again for other grown-ups. Come get groovy and goofy to the best of the best pop, hip-hop, and electronic.

FREE SHOW || 9:00 pm 21+