The Crew


Meet The Crew That Makes It Happen

We can count our small-batch production crew on two hands. The passion we have for our work shows up in the products and the experiences we provide for you. Meet the family...

 Wyn Ferrell Owner

Wyn Ferrell

 Joe Von Feldt Owner

Joe Von Feldt

 Chase Campbell Owner

Chase Campbell

 Tyler Joyce Master Distiller

Tyler Joyce
Master Distiller

 Rich Harris Wrench

Rich Harris

 Will Barker Production Manager

Will Barker
Production Manager

 Drew Kraemer Human Resources

Drew Kraemer
Human Resources

 Chris Russell Quality Manager  

Chris Russell
Quality Manager  

 Adam Taylor Brand Manager

Adam Taylor
Brand Manager

 Elizabeth Janzen Accounting

Elizabeth Janzen

 John Courtney Creative Director

John Courtney
Creative Director

 Lauren Kowalski Hospitality Manager

Lauren Kowalski
Hospitality Manager