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notes of black pepper and citrus notes of black pepper and citrus made from blue Webber agavemade from blue Webber agavecut with filtered Rocky Mountain watercut with filtered Rocky Mountain waterexpertly distilled in Jalisco, Mexicoexpertly distilled in Jalisco, Mexico


 Despite the lack of a painfully shallow celeb endorsement, our tequila was expertly distilled from blue weber agave by our friends at Casa Maestri in Jalisco, Mexico and bottled with care in our downtown Denver distillery. Our tequila sports bright notes of pepper and citrus with smooth undertones of vanilla bean and honeycomb. Cuidado is the perfect foundation for your favorite margarita and the ideal wingman for when you end up dancing shamelessly with the very hot, but also very confused, caterer at your cousin’s third wedding. When you’ve drained your glass of its South-of-the-Border magic, bring the bottle back to our tasting room for a drink on the house. Cheers, Amigo. 
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