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carefully crafted to be subtly sweetcarefully crafted to be subtly sweetcut with filtered Rocky Mountain watercut with filtered Rocky Mountain waterflavor profile modeled after Palisade peachesflavor profile modeled after Palisade peachesmade with our award-winning Fireside Bourbonmade with our award-winning Fireside Bourbon


 Weird. It’s almost like an overabundance of cavity-inducing sweetness is enough to make even the best of intentions wildly nauseating. Lookin’ at you, most flavored whiskey makers. That’s why we created Fireside Peach, a not-too-sweet bourbon with a flavor profile modeled after Colorado’s own Palisade peaches. It’s the perfect inspiration for a sparkling peach and mint julip or for gently reminding your Dixieland family members where real peaches come from. When you’ve plucked the last peachy drop from the bottom of the bottle, bring it back to our downtown Denver tasting room for a drink on the house. Cheers, Ya’ll.
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