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made with corn and grains grown in Coloradomade with corn and grains grown in Coloradocut and filtered with Rocky Mountain watercut and filtered with Rocky Mountain waterexpertly distilled in a copper stillexpertly distilled in a copper still


A bourbon created to be as comfortable around the campfire as it is confident on the judges' table, the spirit of Fireside Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey comes from the quality of its ingredients and the dedication of a small team of expert craftsman. Our most unique Single Barrel yet, our Port-Finish Bourbon is a welcome edition to our lineup, and your liquor cabinet.
Aged for 4 years in a new American white oak barrel, we finished this bourbon with a year of aging in a 225 liter French Oak barrel that previously held an Australian Tawney Port. Off the first smell, the wine invites you in with figs and dates, and our whiskey boasts notes of chocolate, toffee, and nuts (Bourbon Culture). The taste is a harmonious match up between our spice and ground pepper bourbon with nutty, savory, port wine (Bourbon Culture). The result is a whiskey both your father and your wine aunt will love.
Cheers, Everyone.
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