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made with corn and grains grown in Coloradomade with corn and grains grown in Coloradocut and filtered with Rocky Mountain watercut and filtered with Rocky Mountain waterexpertly distilled in a copper stillexpertly distilled in a copper still


It's not everyday you meet a whiskey so warmly welcomed by cowboys and aficionados alike. A bourbon created to be as comfortable around the campfire as it is confident on the judges' table, the spirit of Fireside Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey comes from the quality of its ingredients and the dedication of a small team of expert craftsman.
Each batch begins with Rocky Mountain water, Colorado corn, spicy rye, and chocolatey barley, distilled in our German copper still. Every drop is then carefully aged in white oak barrels in our Denver rack house. This delicately engineered process is what gives each barrel it's complex flavor profile, and when we tried this one, we liked her right off the bat. Our 6-year, single barrel, cask strength bourbon clocks in at a whopping 137 proof, for a high heat yet highly drinkable craft bourbon.
Cheers, Everyone.
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