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made with corn and grains grown in Coloradomade with corn and grains grown in Coloradocut and filtered with Rocky Mountain watercut and filtered with Rocky Mountain waterexpertly distilled in a copper stillexpertly distilled in a copper still


Our Single Barrel Rye Barrel Finish Bourbon is the best of both worlds for both bourbon and rye lovers. After aging for 5 years in our downtown Denver rack house, our mad scientists took this bourbon and placed it in a Rye 100 barrel filled with German Malted Rye for one year. The result is a mouth-watering bourbon with notes of chocolate, rye spice, and caramel.

Our Fireside Rye Barrel Finish is best enjoyed over a rock, letting the melting ice release new flavors as you drink it. At 105.6 proof, it can also be enjoyed neat for a whiskey hug of rye spice and a smooth sip of bourbon.

Cheers, Whiskey Lovers.
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