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cut and filtered with Rocky Mountain watercut and filtered with Rocky Mountain waterexpertly distilled in a copper stillexpertly distilled in a copper still

triple rye whiskey

Breaking Bourbon "appreciate[s] the fact that [Mile High Spirits] pushes the boundaries when it comes to the grains they use in their whiskeys." - Jordan Moskal, Breaking Bourbon 2023.

Our Fireside Triple Rye Whiskey is newly 6 years old! With a mash bill consisting of Midwest Rolled Rye, Colorado Field Rye, and German Malted Rye, as well as Beechwood Smoked Barley, our adventurous grains make this Rye Whiskey a unique twist on a classic. At 105.6 proof, our Fireside Triple Rye Whiskey is best enjoyed neat for a notes of pine, light oak, chocolate covered berries, and rye spice.

Cheers, Rye Lovers.
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