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     In 2011 Mile High Spirits set out to inspire a new standard in craft distilling. Our goal was to create the best spirits possible using high quality, local ingredients as the foundation for recipes that would be brought to life by the most experienced craftsmen we could find -- All without being obnoxious snobs about it.  We started our business shortly after craft spirits decided they needed to be serious for whatever reason. Gone were the days of you and a handful of your goofy college buddies clinking god knows what cocktail over the firepit while daring Kevin to jump nude into the neighbor’s pool. Spirits existed to taste good and help you have a good time, not to be hung in an art gallery. 

     Now the shelves are stocked with $90 bottles of bourbon demanding your praise because ol' grandpappy found this particular recipe in a Rocky Mountain coal mine during the dark times. The harsh truth is that most of these “craft” spirits aren’t really any different than their competitors. They all talk about how great their product is and how internationally trained their owners are and how “time is the secret ingredient”.  This is all well and good, but it should be noted that one’s ability to discern tasting notes in these “handcrafted” spirits usually depends on how well the taster’s beanie matches their flannel and not necessarily on the spirit’s actual merit.

     That isn’t how it has to be. 

     We want things to be different. We want to return to an age where you can actually pronounce what you’re drinking and not go minorly bankrupt just by walking through the craft liquor aisle. It’s our mission to help you and the people you care about have a damn good time with damn good drinks. And if you learn a little about the distilling process along the way, even better.  We’re proud of every bottle that goes out our door, we just aren’t so serious and premium about everything.  It’s not uncommon to find our head distiller sporting a bright pink hawaiian shirt with bedazzled cut off jean shorts rocking out to euro club music in the rackhouse or to see one of the owners riding a forklift screaming Josh Groban songs and he ascends into the upper reaches of the warehouse. It’s always a party. 

     If you ever want to be part of that party, we’d be more than happy to have you. Our downtown Denver tasting room sports a kick ass patio, yard games and delicious local food trucks. You can ask one of our talented bartenders for a creative spirit infusion or get yourself a generously poured speakeasy quality cocktail. At Mile High Spirits, every bottle of liquor behind our bar is made in house, from scratch. No beer or big factory brands allowed. If you’re looking for a more laid back experience, you can sign up for a cocktail class, take a free tour of the distillery, or even coordinate a private event in our intimate barrel-room. We’ve got live music, chill weeknight vibes and a crazy weekend dance scene. While we might not be the sleepy mountain-top micro distillery of your instagram dreams, we can still offer you the best spot in Denver to get just the right amount of wasted at 2am with your new best friends. Can’t wait to see you here. 

     Cheers, Everyone.


While Wyn Ferrell might not have grown up in Colorado, he got here as soon as he could.  A Connecticut native, Wyn attended Elon University in North Carolina before making his pilgrimage west to Denver.  After a short stint in the finance world he found a passion building craft spirits during his first liquor industry job in 2009.  Since then Wyn has been working to build Mile High Spirits into a brand that cares about the quality of its product and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Wyn wears a lot of hats around the building but mainly focuses on marketing and brand development.


Raised in the heart of Denver,  Joe von Feldt has spent most of his life in Colorado.  After graduating from Regis, Joe managed the family business, Hanneck Cleaners on 6th avenue.  Eventually, he set out on his own to follow a passion for brewing and distilling.  This enthusiasm landed him a job in the booze business in 2009 and the rest is history. 


Chase Campbell grew up in Arvada as a top athlete on the football and baseball fields of Arvada West High School. After pursuing his passion for baseball, Chase graduated from Metro State and found himself in the family furniture business. Eager to get out and cut his teeth in the liquor industry, Chase met Wyn and Joe and became an owner at Mile High Spirits. His relationship skills are second to none and help him lead the Mile High Spirits sales team.

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