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distillery tours

ever wonder what our distillery crew gets up to behind closed doors?

now you can find out!

Tours offered friday, saturday, and sunday, with free and paid options available!


the steamy wonder special

Our still’s favorite, and yours to! (Our still’s name is Steamy Wonder, just an FYI). this is a free, ten-minute tour of our production warehouse, explaining how we make our delicious Fireside Bourbon! you'll taste our fireside old fashioned in a bottle, as well as our flagship fireside bourbon.

The Whiskey Business Tour

Our whiskey business Tour is for our whiskey nerds and whiskey-lovers alike. This 45-minute tour offers tastings of our Fireside Bottled in Bond, Fireside Old Fashioned, and cask strength bourbon. We’ll talk through the production of our Fireside Bourbon, as well as what separates us from other distilleries with our specialty whiskeys, rums, tequilas, and the like. We’ll also talk through our gin production with the mother of Mile High, Walter White, our gin still.

yes, we make our own sh*t.

Mile High Spirits is the love child of two colorado locals (and one random man from Connecticut) and their passion for quality booze. Founded in 2011, mile high spirits has been keeping Coloradans tipsy and happy for over a decade.